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Read what our patients are saying about us!


"I actually felt as if I was staying at a hotel of good reputation (Hilton, etc.)  Everyone was extremely friendly and professional.  This was the cleanest medical establishment I've ever been in.  The food was outstanding and presented as in a high-end restaurant.  Great Place!"


"I cannot believe the difference a little kindness and caring can make.  I have spent a great deal of time at other hospitals with my mother, father and husband having various procedures.  The cleanliness, individual care, and of course the food, are all little things that add up to a wonderful (yes, wonderful) experience." "Thank you for providing such good care to our loved ones.  It is very comforting to know that we have a place like this in Redding."


"Hands down the best hospital experience anyone could ask for.  Truly lived up to the name of your hospital - you made the patient matter."


"During my career in construction management I have been required to evaluate the capability and performance of many companies and individuals.  I have never been able to rate anyone as I found Patients' Hospital to be."


"My care & stay at Patients' Hospital was Excellent.  I would highly recommend your hospital to my family and friends.  I had the best care and ATTENTION that I have ever had in a hospital.  The doctors and nursing staff were very professional and attentive.  The food was gourmet class and my wife was treated very well by the chef on Saturday night dinner.  Your hospital will be my hospital of choice from now on."


"I have had a lot of surgeries and I never had the best-understanding nurse until Patients' Hospital. My nurse from night shift was so awesome - I must have pushed my button for her 20 times the first night to use the bathroom and not one time did she have a frown or snarl on her face.  She was the best I ever had. "


"Everyone made me feel like I was their only patient.  I never felt like a name on a chart."


"Prior to my stay at Patients' Hospital, I was aware of their stellar reputation and multiple friends commented about how lucky I was to have my surgery scheduled there.  As a result my expectations were high and yet the kind and professional staff surpassed them.  Having major surgery is scary for anyone and post-op is painful and uncomfortable.  I can't imagine a safer, kinder, gentler place for my surgery and recovery.  Many heartfelt thanks.  P.S.  Loved the extra touch of the guest meal I was able to share with my son, really makes you feel at home."


"An operation of any kind is not a vacation.  That said...Patients' Hospital is an oasis in the busy hospital world!"


"I was 'blown away' by the exceptional and compassionate care I received during my stay at Patients'!  I'm a pretty good judge of that too since I've also stayed at (other local hospitals).  I wish every hospital would use yours as a model.  One of the biggest pluses for me was the lack of so much stress I've felt elsewhere - I could actually relax!"


"I was very pleased with my stay at Patients' Hospital.  The care that I was given by the nursing staff was as if I was one of their family members and I feel that is a lot of the reason I am doing so well with my recovery.  The food was the best that I have ever had at a local hospital.  I recommend Patients' Hospital to anyone I know that has to have surgery.  I also will come back if I have the need to have any other surgeries. "


"I had an amazing say.  The staff treated me with great dignity and respect.  They were all wonderful to me.  I would recommend Patients' Hospital to all my friends and family!"


"I am an operations medical center consultant with over 25 years of experience, including 2 years at Mount Sinai, a world class medical center in New York.  I was involved with over 60 medical centers throughout the USA and Canada.  I know what good care is and I know a lot about total patient care.  I can state with a full formal endorsement that Dr. Tate and his staff are as fine a medical team as I have seen anywhere.  Dr. Tate has created an environment of healing and his health care facility is second to none.  I was admitted by a kind and caring health care professional.  My operation was totally successful and my time in recovery was as comfortable as could be."