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About Us

In 1986, Dr. James Tate, a local Neurosurgeon began to see a need for improved quality of care for his patients. Meeting with other Physicians and Health Care Providers, he found that the quality of care given the surgical patient was a common concern among them. The actual nursing staffing ratios did not provide for adequate time spent with each patient. Patients were not eating properly because the food was only adequate. The environment promoted stress, anxiety and was not conducive to quick recovery.

Thus came the vision of a small, surgical hospital that would provide our community's highest standard for surgical care . . . a place where every need of the surgical patient would be met. This would be a hospital that would be "user friendly" to the Medical and Professional staff as well.

In March of 1992, Patients' Hospital opened its doors for the first surgical patient

Food plays an important role in the patient's recovery. Appetizing and delicious meals are prepared and served by gourmet chefs.

Because privacy is a major component in the reduction of stress and anxiety, all patient rooms are private suites and the entire hospital was designed to promote a soothing, peaceful healing environment. We have low patient to nurse ratios to promote comprehensive care of each patient and to fulfill the desire of caring nurses to provide the kind of care they were trained to give.

Today, our vision is unchanged and our goals continue to be high. We have met the original vision and continue to grow and strive to improve the quality of care that we offer.


Our CHARGEMASTER is available for review at https://oshpd.ca.gov/data-and-reports/cost-transparency/hospital-chargemasters/


Along with many other California Hospitals, Patients' Hospital of Redding has adopted CALIFORNIA CRISIS CARE CONTINUUM GUIDELINES in response to recent events and the current surge of patients. YOU CAN ACCESS THESE GUIDELINES at: